As Black from White is the gut wrenching life journey of Sally Graham. From the secluded upbringing of a single child to the misty fog of late teens without any purpose; Like a ship without a mooring, Sally's life drifted into a deep sea of alcohol and drug abuse.

Caught in the middle of a controlling marriage, three children and further drug abuse Sally prayed a desparate prayer:

"God if you are real, you'd better do something otherwise tomorrow he gets it!"

The following day she embarked on a plan of murderous intent...

Interposed between a happy childhood (with bedtime prayers and teddy bears) and the happy photo of a forty year-old bride are years filled with more horrific experiences than most readers could imagine. – as different as black is from white. There are descriptions of poverty and squatting, binge drinking and alcoholism, promiscuity and rape, broken trust and abusive relationships, transvestites and homosexuals, and drug taking, trafficking and dealing. Suicide, car accidents, gambling, attempted murder, overdosing, abortion, and jail time add to the mix, making it seem more like fiction than a biography set in suburban Adelaide.

The author’s gritty efforts to turn her life around and to live as a Christian are enervating and uplifting. This amazing life story is short but makes for compelling reading.

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